We Pride Ourselves on:

  • A streamlined, sustainable approach to residential property management and leasing
  • A complete, professional service, improving the affordability of owning an investment property
  • Direct access to highly experienced and highly responsible professionals
  • A service dedicated to minimising risk and maximising the rate of return
  • Low vacancy rates, quality tenants, timely rent reviews and regular inspections
  • Virtual solutions saving on overheads and reducing your fees
  • Online website ticketing system with a guaranteed response within 1 working day
  • Careful, detailed review of each transaction
  • Accounts paid on time - guaranteed or we pay the late fee

What We Offer:

We offer all the usual property management services and have developed a virtual approach, based on more than 5 years of specialising in residential property in the Real Estate industry, in Sydney. BUT we really are in a great position to pass back the savings to our clients. As an independent Agency, we pay no franchise fees. With low management fees, we are not asking you to fund the growth of our business through aggressive corporate marketing and business development resources. And, as a provider of a modern day, online, mobile solution we use our industry experience to reduce the costs of managing your property, without effecting the results. Gone are the days of needing a retail space to collect rents over the counter and gone are the days of needing to meet an agent at an office to look through potential properties of interest. We all know it's all online now so why are so many still paying excessive fees to cover an unnecessary retail presence?

Our approach is the way of the future and we will not be the next retail casualty but rather your long term partner in all that is property! To you this means absolutely no other fees and charges. No inspection fees, no tribunal attendance fees, no maintenance fees, AND no sundries and postage. We believe all of these fees form a part of what we classify as either Management fees or Letting fees. Managing a property is not just collecting rent so it seems more appropriate not to charge "x%" of rent for just this one task, right?

All management transactions and information, including communications, are managed and fully supervised through our website ticket system and on our approved and annually audited trust accounting system to give you complete piece of mind. Our tenants can log requests 24/7 and our landlords can access their accounts 24/7. We send annual summaries and supporting documentation on request in either hard copy or soft, to your accountant at absolutely no extra cost.

Your investments are our business. We care for your investments as if they are our own. Our experience guarantees that we know what it means to look after the household formed by a tenancy, and to service investor needs.

Do You Own an Investment Property?

Call us today at 1300 859 809, and we will answer any other questions you may have so that you'll be completely comfortable in your decision to engage us for any of your property needs. Or refer us to someone who will benefit, and we will reward you!