Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process my application?

Usually between 1 to 5 days

How soon do I have to return the completed condition report?

This needs to be returned to the agent within 7 days

Can I make any alterations to the property which I think will improve it?

No, you cannot make alterations or additions UNLESS you first obtain the landlord's prior written permission

Can I change the locks or any of the security devices?

Again, this requires the landlord's written consent (except in certain domestic violence situations)

What if I can't reach an agreement with my property manager about my tenancy?

Your agent is trained to work with you to record and resolve all complaints and disputes. If the matter remains unresolved due to the complexity of the circumstances, the NSW Fair Trading provides a free dispute resolution service for tenants, residents, landlords and property managers.

How do I get my bond back and how long does it take?

If there is no claim on your bond, the Bond Claim form is completed and signed by both parties and the bond can be refunded by the OFT immediately. If there is a claim following the final inspection due to non-payment of rent or repairs and maintenance where tenant is at fault, the claim can be agreed upon by both parties, the claim form signed, and the balance can be made available immediately by the OFT. If there is a disagreement then there is a notice period which can delay the release of the bond for 14 days or longer if the matter progresses to the CTTT.


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